We’re Jamming!

A new collaboration between Oh My Ganache and The Jam Horse in Doncaster is set to produce even more mouth-watering flavours and textures for Yorkshire’s most exciting chocolate brand.

The imaginatively-entitled Jam Horse is a premium provider of jams, chutneys, curds, mustards and more; their passion for developing flavours is akin to Mark’s own mission: to introduce unusual combinations and fuse contrasting tastes within chocolatey casings. Mark’s experiments with Jam Horse’s delicious range has resulted in rhubarb and raspberry chocolate and a rich blueberry and lavender flavoured bar.

Mark’s popular ‘free from’ range substitutes the sugar in chocolate with natural sweeteners, which makes them healthier, and can even mean they’re suitable for vegetarians, vegans and diabetics… factions of the population who rarely get to visit chocolate heaven.

Mark uses agave syrup or maple syrup in his ‘free from’ range; slightly thinner than honey, agave syrup is a natural extract from the agave plant that contains mostly fructose. Pine honey and acacia honey are other naturally-occurring substances he works with to create this chocolate. When ordering a ‘free from’ product, customers choose which flavours they wish Mark to add.

Mark is set to attend a large vegan festival in June, where he will showcase his spectacular stock to the masses and where his burgeoning ‘free from’ range looks set to firmly establish OMG’s niche in the chocolate-making industry.

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