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How to stop your OMG chocolate from melting in hot weather

It’s scorching outside, if you haven’t already noticed (not that we’re complaining here at OMG). For however long it lasts, whilst the weather is beautiful, uplifting and tantastic, it does present its problems.

It makes for uncomfortable night-times and difficulty getting to sleep. It’s not good for our pets. And far worse than either of those, it has the potential to melt your OMG chocolate before you devour it and threaten your enjoyment of our unusual flavour combinations – which is heinous!

Here are three top tips for keeping your chocolate cool, so that you can focus on the taste rather than how quickly it’s mushing up between your fingers.

1. Keep it in the fridge

Most people do this anyway, but if you’d prefer to keep your delicious chocolate away from strong-smelling foodstuff already in your fridge, at least keep it in a dark cupboard or pantry, away from any kind of heat source. Be careful if you do keep your sweet stuff in the fridge, however, as chocolate can cool too much, which is when white spots may appear.

2. Pack it well

If you’re taking your chocolate out with you and don’t want a sticky, runny mess when you open your bag, take an ice pack/brick with you and place everything in a cool bag; this will help your chocolate stay as a block rather than it dissolving into a velvety puddle.

3. Freeze it beforehand

Again, if you’re going out for the day and you’re taking chocolate with you, the last thing you want is brown sludge when you’re ready for your lunch. Once idea is to freeze your chocolate bar the day before your trip. Once you’ve had lunch and you’re ready to enjoy it, your bar should have defrosted and be just the right temperature. As above, though, it may be worth testing this beforehand with different kinds of chocolate. Some textures and flavour combinations will stand up against such drastic changes in temperature whilst others will display ‘white-spot syndrome’. There are worse things in the world to research…

Dark Cranberry & Oat
Dark Cranberry & Oat

So, there you have it, our three top tips to help prevent your OMG chocolate from melting - because it should only melt when it’s in your mouth…

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