Curiouser and curiouser: unusual flavour combinations in OMG’s vegan chocolate

Mark Simpson, owner of OMG, is not just a master chocolatier – he’s a risk-taker.

Your idea of ‘risk’ may equal hurtling down a 60 snowy incline at 125mph or going skinny dipping amongst crocodile-infested waters. Mark is a risk-taker when it comes to flavouring.

Case in point, consider this combination: bacon and chocolate.

Bacon: the staple grub of a meat lover; perfect when nestled between two slices of brown bread and dripping with brown sauce.

And chocolate…the nectar of the gods.

Who would put those two together? Bacon and chocolate…? Who but Mark would put crunchy bacon bits into sumptuous, velvety milk chocolate? (*NB: the bacon bits aren’t actually bacon, but bacon-flavoured crumbles.)

This is just one example of the many flavour combinations Mark’s imagination has concocted since he launched Oh My Ganache. His bacon chocolate is one of the brand’s best-sellers and something he’s become well-known for in the Yorkshire area and beyond.

So, what inspired Mark to become a risk-taking chocolatier? He says, “Chocolate is sold across the high-street, but you see the same brands, and most bars are just simple blocks of milk, white or dark chocolate. I wanted to offer something a little different and started experimenting with unusual flavours.

“As I further researched the business, I noticed that demand for ‘free from’ chocolate is growing. My mum is diabetic and can’t enjoy most sweet treats, and as you can imagine, there are ingredients in standard chocolate that make it unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans. If free-from chocolate actually was available, I found it was incredibly expensive and the flavours on offer were also limited.

“When it comes to ‘free from’ ranges, the focus tends to be on the ingredients that have to come out; I wanted to flip this on its head and concentrate on what I could put in. My aim was to make sumptuous, mouth-wateringly good ‘free from’ chocolate that even committed chocoholics would choose over the likes of Mars and Dairy Milk.”

OMG’s recent growth has resulted in a busy time for Mark, as he strives to keep on top of orders for his customers’ favourites as well as introducing new lines and flavours.

Being a risk-taker isn’t exclusive to Mark, though. He challenges the chocolate-lovers out there to think of more weird and wonderful combinations. “If you have an idea for a flavour,” he says, “get in touch with us and we’ll make it up for you.” Can you beat bacon chocolate?!

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