Brand it, devour it…get to the hearts, minds and stomachs of prospective clients

It’s difficult for any business to stand out from the crowd nowadays. Every industry is over-populated, and customers’ expectations get more demanding as time goes by.

Exhibitions are popular ways to bring your business and brand to the masses but even then, you’re up against a good number of companies wishing to do the same – some may even be from the same industry as yourselves. So, how do you stick in prospective clients’ memories?

Leaving an impression as people pass your exhibition stand isn’t too difficult – that’s just limited to your imagination; staying in their mind, so that they remember you long after the exhibition, when they may actually have a need for your product, is much more crucial.

Businesses typically give away branded products as physical reminders: pens, keyrings and notepads are common ‘freebies’. However, these, because they’re so common, probably don’t make the splash you’d like them to – delegates to any exhibition come back with handfuls of pens (which get mixed together anyway), notepads that simply stack up on work desks, and keyrings that rarely get near any keys.

What if you could give clients something that really is memorable? Something that almost every person on the planet loves. That will never waste away on someone’s desk. And something far better for the environment than plastic products people simply don’t need.

Oh My Ganache is launching branded chocolate bars, specifically for businesses to gift to their potential clients. A giveaway that doesn’t just serve as a ‘brand reminder’ but something that will blow the socks off other freebies due to its unrivalled, unusual, unforgettable taste and texture.

As each potential client unwraps one of your chocolate bars, they will not only become excited at the thought of such delicious chocolate dancing on their tongue, they will also see the name and logo of the business providing this moment of unadulterated joy set into the chocolate. That business name will become anchored in their memory, associated with a very positive emotion.

OMG, based in Yorkshire, is famed for going where no other chocolate providers go with their flavour combinations. Their bacon chocolate bar is a firm favourite with clients - just one example of their imagination and innovation.

So, kiss goodbye to keyrings, purge yourself of plastic pens, and nip that notebook order in the bud. Choose chocolate as the way to prospective clients’ hearts (and stomachs!). Brand it however you like…we promise you it will make a lasting impression.

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