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I first started making chocolate for my Dad, he always enjoyed a bar (or two) of rum & raisin chocolate. However, it proved difficult to find in shops so I decided to have a go at it myself – how hard could it be?

I found I had a knack for making chocolate, so I carried on experimenting with different ingredients and different ways of making it.

After I mastered making classic chocolate, I thought I would try my hand at free from chocolate, suitable for vegans, those who cannot have gluten or dairy, diabetics and essentially anyone with any food allergies or intolerance's (unfortunately not those allergic to cacao itself).

Originally, as well as making rum and raisin chocolate for my dad, I started making it for family and friends. Over the last few months, word of mouth has worked its magic and Oh My Ganache has been born.

I have the scope to create whatever chocolate your heart desires and for any occasion - from wedding favours, to slabs, to centerpieces. I love experimenting with flavours and you would not believe how much of a hit my bacon flavoured chocolate has been!

The best thing is that I have finally found something that I love to do! Creating unique flavours in a variety of styles and quantities is so much fun and incredibly fulfilling.

If you have a weird, crazy or unique idea for a chocolate combination, or you would like to have some of our well tested (by yours truly) chocolate, feel free to get in touch!