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Putting the OMG in

Oh My Ganache

Oh My Ganache is so much more than a chocolate company, it’s a journey. One of the main reasons we started Oh My Ganache was because of the lack of choice of chocolate currently on the market. You can walk into any supermarket and there will be a huge selection of chocolate, but the problem is that they are all the same. They are either milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate, and there isn’t much choice in terms of flavour.

We love things that are

Unique and Special


We started to make our own chocolate. We wanted to explore what would work with chocolate and we found, and keep finding, some weird and wonderful combinations of flavours. One of our guilty pleasures is chocolate and bacon flavouring,it sounds so wrong

but tastes so right!



The point is that everybody likes different flavours, so we make bespoke chocolate tailored to you. Whether it’s for a wedding, or a cheeky night in, we make the chocolate you want, for when you want it.


We look forward to hearing your ideas for some wonderful flavour combinations!